Why Sales Points

How is Salespoints different

Salespoints combines several digital marketing tools used by large enterprises, simplified and made affordable for mid-size eCommerce businesses.

Salespoints is merging messaging channels with on-site marketing tools. Now you can run meaningful marketing communication with each individual customer easily. From single platform.




Advanced, but simple

Email, reacting on website popups, SMS campaigns launched on web chat riggers, tags recorded via chat later used for segmentation in newsletter. And this all with 100% uptime guarantee.

Best in class support

Key of Salespoints success is quality. Market-leading human customer service
respond when you need it – we are almost 24/7 online to help. We believe that you will not get another software, but a real human helping hand leading to commercial success.

Affordable pricing

Even we have an excellent service quality, Salespoints pricing is designed to fit different business sizes. There are no standart tariff plans, you pay just for tools you really use. And we take care of very competitive price.

Looking for a technically advanced and respected company with excellent customer service, we reviewed the offer of Salespoints. They provide good service and are responsive in finding fast solutions.

Ilze Kirstuka Sceglova, Drogas | Head of Marketing  

Salespoints guarantees the safety of your data in Europe.

Our EU clients data stored on servers in Germany, France Estonia and Latvia.


100% uptime of service.

Salespoints infrastructure is backed by CloudFlare technology,
delivering continuous and stable performance

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If you’re still on the fence about choosing Salespoints as your next messaging engine, feel free to contact us and chat with one of our sales representatives.

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