Salespoints team has 8+ years of experience in online customer engagement strategies. We have developed smart email marketing, push notification, SMS and overlay banner communication strategies for multiple major brands in Europe. Our “know-how” could be a valuable resource in developing your customer engagement strategy as well.

As a part of our service, we review your whole online customer engagement strategy and we provide specific ways on how to engage your customers via several digital channels to get more out of your existing users.

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Strategy Review

Smart Email management

  • Email list hygiene & segmentation
  • Setup of triggered emails (reminders, abandoned cart recovery, etc.)
  • Brand email template design
  • Email campaign sequences

Push Notification strategy

  • Subscriber opt-in strategy
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Notification content and frequency

SMS Messaging 

  • Customer phone number collection strategy
  • Targeted SMS strategy
  • Cross-integration with other channels (e.g. sending SMS only to users who don’t open emails)

On-site pop-up 

  • Smart trigger pop-ups (exit intent, key page views)
  • Pop-up content and timing

On-site & IM chat 

  • Basic chatbot 
  • Q&A development
  • Facebook Messenger sequences set-up

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