Neste case



About the company

Neste Latvija was founded in 1998, as a single owner of Neste Oil Finance B.V. The company’s main activities are based on oil product storage and retail.

The challenge

Previously Neste Latvija consumers could sign up for their payment cards only by arriving in person to Neste gas stations and filling in the application form. Consumers could receive the card also only by personally arriving at the station. The company saw the deficiencies in this process and wanted to make it more effective by providing higher service and the strengthening of competitive advantages.

SalesPoints solution

Investigating the company’s needs, SalesPoints developers created a unique custom solution for Neste Latvija, incorporating an approach for each product separately. When the consumer applies for a payment card, they fill in the electronic application form on the Neste Latvija website, and the company receives an application in a more convenient way – as a document in PDF format.

Result reached

The fully automated application process creates a payment card for legal persons. This solution provides much higher data reliability and saves time for customers and also for Neste Latvija. This fully automated process ensures a lot of economic benefits to the consumers, as well as to service providers.

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