Elektrum case



About company

Elektrum is a contemporary customer-oriented energy company and a leading player in the Baltics. The slogan “Switch to better service!” describes the company’s objective: to become a service provider who can best of all link the needs of electricity consumers with the most suitable energy solutions.

The challenge

Now that the electricity market is open, customers can make their own decisions, choose where to buy electricity and select a service provider.

One of largest challenges in such competition is keeping the existing customers and attracting a new ones. Speed and effectiveness of customer service automation is the key to the new customer attraction process. So far Elektrum did a lot of manual work during a contract coordination and fighting for the clients who were leaving – which is a complicated and slow process. This brings a negative impact on operational efficiency and competitiveness.

SalesPoints solution

Elektrum assigned SalesPoints to develop automation of communication with a consumer, to minimize hand-work, and to increase competitiveness while at the same time maintaining each customer as a person and respecting and consider their needs.

Now we know that automating the process while maintaining a private sense is also challenging in such technical solutions. The SalesPoints team developed a custom solution for Elektrum to manage agreement prolongation, collect consumer response, and align agreement conditions, as well as approving the deals. The solution was complemented with an advanced functionality, according to the requirements specified in the law about the transfer of information to the competitor on case client change service providers.

Result reached

By using an automated business process, Elektrum provided a much higher service quality, increased the amount of successful deals, and decreased the number of lost deals. At the same time all messages are individual and personalized. The company and employees have significant time savings and the ability to focus on the other Elektrum objectives.

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