Drogas case



About company

From one shop in the centre of Riga in twenty years Drogas has become the largest cosmetics and household goods retail store network in the Baltics.

The challenge

When company developed their customer service, the need of high quality marketing message mailing started to occur, but using just the same forces was not possible without getting in the ‘black lists’ and facing a significant drop in supply.

SalesPoints solution

Choosing SalesPoints, Drogas received a high quality service: e-mails were delivered in 99.9% of cases. SalesPoints also provided agency services – developed a unique content templates for each e-mail and SMS campaign.

Result reached

In collaboration with SalesPoints, Drogas delivered quality and segmented offers in e-mail and SMS to their customers. The company was satisfied with the quality of delivery rate and with the unique content of the templates.

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