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Salespoints is not just a good email service, it offers so much more. However,  let’s compare our email service to the big guys – Mailchimp. Here are a few reasons why Salespoints is a strong alternative.

Feel confident that your emails will be delivered.

Deliverability – the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. Often emails from Mailchimp end up in a spam box due to issues like throttling, bounce rate, spam scores, and more.

Mailchimp: Mailchimp has over 18 million customers to keep track on. As you can imagine, they cannot verify the list quality of every customer so they have to develop an automated way to protect their sending reputation. This means that if something goes wrong and you accidentally get a lot of spam complaints, bounces, or unsubscribes, you might get shut down without warning — putting your business in danger of losing revenue.

Salespoints: At Salespoints, we understand the importance of deliverability. There is no reason to send out if email is not reaching a consumer. That’s why we have a compliance and deliverability team that speaks to customers, in case, something doesn’t look right – like an unusually high bounce rate or too many spam complaints—our team is here to proactively help you resolve that issue. 

Salespoints is almost 3 times cheaper than Mailchimp.

At Salespoints, we only charge for the emails you actually send. At Mailchimp, you are charged based on the number of contacts you have,  including even duplicates.

Number of contacts
(assuming you send 4 campaigns / month)


2 500 12 26
12 500 24 105
25 000 45 164
50 000 89 260
75 000 129 347
100 000 169 608
It's not just email marketing. It's Multi-Channel Messaging Platform

Salespoints is not only for emails. It also supports SMS text messaging, web push notifications, on-site pop-ups and live chat. User activity from all channel is attributed to the same user id, giving you a full user engagement picture.

Take your e-marketing to the next level with Salespoints.
Features Available

Email marketing
Transactional email Additional costs
SMS messaging
Transactional SMS (API)
Marketing automation
Triggered messaging
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited contact attribute fields
Advanced campaign settings
Free support
Advanced statistics
Native ecommerce integrations
Support available by phone
GDPR-Compliant (EU)
Senders Authentication

High volume sending, deliverability, email personalization, email automation and quality of support – Salespoints stands over.

Competition is tough in the telecommunications industry and responding to market trends quickly is essential. We seek only the best solutions, which can provide the speed, depth and precision that we demand; that’s why we chose SalesPoints.

Ilze Zukova, Tele2 , Head of Marketing

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