Contacts Segmentation

This contact segmentation tutorial is to explain how the segmentation works on Salespoints platform. When you are sending a campaign, you may choose a granular segment of users that you want to include in your campaign.

The first segmentation option is Send to all contacts, which means that the campaign will be sent to all of the contacts uploaded on Salespoints platform with the status ‘’Active’’.

The contacts who have unsubscribed from receiving e-mails and have the corresponding status ‘’Unsubscribed’’,  will NOT receive any e-mail campaigns.



To send a campaign to a subset of contacts select Use segmentation. Then choose which condition to use in the Activity box. The Activity box is divided in 2 fields- Recipient data and Activity on Web.


 ‘’Data field’’ segments the recipients from your contact list that are uploaded with a specific data field.

‘’Email campaigns’’ segments the recipients from the past campaign activity history.


Segment by Data field

When choosing the segment condition ‘’Data field’’, it will display all fields that you have created when uploading your contact list. For example, segmenting data (recipients) based on their language.

Next, choose the condition. For example: choose the recipients from the data field based on their language, which is English.




Example: The list of e-mails and their preferred language is created in excel. Import it in your Salespoints profile contact list and divide the information under proper data fields. Example data fields are Email and Language.

Then when segmenting the recipients, choose Data field->Language->is->en. The Tags and condition values from your uploaded list will show in a dropdown.


The condition can be deleted using the ‘’recycle bin’’ button.

You can add maximum of 3 conditions using the blue ‘’+’’ button at the bottom of the page.

If several conditions are chosen, then one of the two added must be specified:

Match all of the following conditions – contact has to match all specified conditions to receive the email campaign. For example: e-mail has to match the ‘’language’’  data field with the ‘’en’’ value, as well as ‘’Name’’ field with the ‘’Linda’’ value. Both of these conditions have to match in order for the contact to be included in the campaign recipients list. In this case, all English speaking contacts that have a name “Linda” will receive the email campaign.

Match any of the following conditions – adjust any of the segment conditions, which means that the e-mails selected will contain any of those specified conditions. The segment will include contacts that have either one of the given conditions. In this example, there will be segmented recipients who either match – ‘’language’’ data field with the ‘’en’’ value or the ‘’Name’’ data field with ‘’Linda’’ value.

Segment by
Email Campaign activity

You can segment the current campaign by the previous campaign activity. For example, you may segment all the recipients who had clicked, opened or received the previous campaign.

This segmentation can be done by selecting any of the previously sent out campaigns and by adding conditions.

You can choose the campaigns that are/are not OPENED, CLICKED or SENT.

  • If you choose CLICKED, another box will appear, where you can select any of the links that were used in that particular campaign and choose the time period of this activity.
  • If you choose OPENED, another box will appear, where you can select the time period when the contact opened the email. For example, send a campaign to all the recipients who had opened the previous campaign BIG SALE from 2020-04-02 till Today.
  • If you choose SENT, then the segment will be all of the recipients in the selected campaign.

After configuring segments

After finishing the segmentation you please click the blue ‘’refresh amount’’ button to see exactly how many contacts will receive the e-mail based on your selected segment criteria.


Finally, click ‘’Save & Continue’’, to proceed to the final campaign setup settings. A new window will appear, which checks if all of the necessary e-mail campaign attributes are completed. It checks whether or not the subject is valid, recipient count is valid, if unsubscribe tag is in the e-mail (unsubscribe tag is mandatory in order for a campaign to be sent out), sender e-mail is set and the plain text version is generated.

If everything is checked with the green tick, then you can either send the campaign now or schedule it to be sent out later.

Great! Now you are ready to segment your contact list and send out campaigns based on your selected segments.

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