Web Chat – new feature of SalesPoints

Greetings from SalesPoints! We have opened limited test access to our brand new Web-chat product! Even though we are still at BETA stage and trying to align details, we know how important and awesome it’s going to be. And you might be thinking: ‘’How can they possibly make an update worth noticing?’’ and I would probably think the same if I were in your shoes. But give me a chance to explain.

Why chat matters

Day by day SalesPoints focus is to make life easier for mid-size e-commerce businesses, providing one, united messaging platform and to cover whole communication with consumers. And we have noticed that it would be a sin to let customers go away from your site with no conversation, not recognizing their needs and habits. Web chat today is a MUST HAVE for every sales-driven online business. No matter how massive and advanced or simple the chat solution is.

Saving information for personalization

When talking to someone, it’s good to know a person’s name and email address. We at SalesPoints believe it’s not enough. For a more personalized approach, we have also added an option to make notes so the agent can ask and store additional information, which is going to be saved together with certain tags your chat was about, for example, ‘item’ is ‘Samsung Galaxy’. Later on, this tag can be used in segmentation within the next email campaign and the person will receive highly relevant message content. Same with popups – show onsite popup’s based on tags, which are recorded during web chat and lead chat participant to purchase much faster. This way SalesPoints will be on track about your customer’s interests and maximize purchase opportunities for your business.

More agents

Before if a customer had a problem, there would be only one agent who could talk to them. It was not convenient at all, considering the fact, that agents are also humans and one person cannot answer all your concerns. That’s why there is an option now, that many agents can talk to one customer AT THE SAME TIME. The benefit here is clear – we won’t have to run around to find someone who can solve customers problem. This is a real time saver for both sides, especially because we value our client’s time the most.

File sending option

Screenshots are a real help when it comes to understanding what is wrong, so we also placed an option to exchange with files. Can’t explain with words what has happened? Ask the customer to send a picture to you, and you’ll figure it out!

No agents around? It’s OK!

If it happens that there are no agents online, don’t worry – there will pop up a notice where customers can leave their e-mail and you’ll be able to answer as soon as possible. You will receive a new incoming question to your email and customers won’t have to wait until someone finally appears online. Even though sadly there is not a phone app yet to make the responses 24/7, be sure that anything you want to tell us is our priority.

Multi-channel recognition

And if there is a situation where customer is not able to contact a chat agent because of its absence, our history saving option will be able to track down the person (a bit) and send a ‘Hello, we’ve noticed you’’ message with our multi-channel system through other communication channels (popup, for example). Web chat will become a strong part of our fully equipped one-in-all messaging communication platform, to help your sales agents speak with a customer by knowing what emails they have, what products they have clicked on and what they have searched a few minutes ago on your e-shop. Also, connecting SalesPoints with your other IT platforms won’t be anything unusual – more data, more multi-channel communication opportunities to realize.


Our team is very excited to continue working on this new Web-chat feature update and make the customer retention and converting much easier. Stay tuned to our other upcoming updates on our chat very soon!


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