Updated – Email A/B split campaign

A/B testing feature is a way of working out which of two campaign options is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks.  Such takes time and marketers attention, the same time it delivers better results on intended campaign performance.

We have refreshed SalesPoints A/B split feature and you can set up two variations of the one campaign and send them to a small percentage of your total recipients. Half of the test group is sent Version A, while the other half gets Version B. The result, measured by the most opens or clicks, determines the winning version. If you set automatic send-out, this winning version is then sent to the remaining subscribers. You can leave to make a decision of winning version by yourself and send out manually later.

What you can test with SalesPoints A/B split?

  • Subject line
  • Sender ‘From’ name and email
  • Email content (body)

Using SalesPoints A/B split choose sender, prepare A and B versions of email content, set test group size and schedule A/B delivery. And done! You can be sure – best version will be delivered to all segment of recipients you choose.

Good to know – you can cancel the final delivery of winning version any time (and this is cool if you are not sure about the performance of Version A and Version B).

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