Successful points to develop the email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. It becomes a necessity for businesses because it is the same communication with customers, but only without eye contact. Nowadays, more and more people using mobile phones, so emails are more available. It is also cheaper and faster marketing tool.

Now is the best moment to start developing your e-marketing. In this script I will describe several points that make email marketing more effective and I hope that they will help you.

The main points in the writing process

  • Emails have to be short and understandable. Customer attention shouldn’t get lost.
  • Put emphasis on text. That means, keep the track of the proportions and send emails that have more text than images.
  • It will be better if you use one font in writing. Several fonts can make email incomprehensible.
  • Grammar is very important. Use plain and formal language to be understandable, evade emoticons, don’t repeat the same words, and use synonyms. Before sending, check your text for grammar errors.
  • Greetings and signing off is significant, easy and effective.
  • Pay attention to subject lines. They are meant to be used. Write the main idea, shunning standard phrases.

Some advice to make better relationships with customers

  • Put on your websites the subscribing forms to receive feedback and also let customers unsubscribe. It will give you a better result.
  • Use targeting to make suitable content to concrete customer groups.
  • Address your customers by name (if you know it). These emails look more individual and it is more pleasing to receive them.
  • Astonish customers. For example, sometimes give them discounts, and send the emails about it. If they have used your discounts, write the thank-email to them.
  • Remember about customer birthdays and celebrations. Congratulate them. Every day we are very busy, so use automated emails to make this process easier. Triggered emails are very effective – with them you will be able to send several messages simultaneously, at the right time, regularly and using special keywords, if you need.
  • How I mentioned, nowadays mobile phones are used more often, so make your email available to each device.
  • Don’t send emails in the morning because your customers’ majority have recently woken up or just started their work. Wait a little more time. You also should not send the emails on the evening when your customers getting home and relaxing after long working day.
  • It is not necessary to exaggerate and often send emails. Otherwise, you can become annoying.

Things that need to be checked

  • Before sending email, test it to make sure that everything (text, sites, images, etc.) is correct. It will be calmer for you.
  • Check recipient email addresses to avoid mistakes like email receiving to incorrect mailbox.
  • To not look after spam, attach documents that aren’t heavy.
  • Use personal domain. It will look businesslike and more formal. There is also less percent to get to spam cart.

Points that you always need to remember

  • Plan your emails. Don’t use one sample to all recipients.
  • Always make conclusions after email sending, keep track of the changes and improve flaws.

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