Image Editor + Stock images for your marketing

SalesPoints platform has enriched with brand new Image Editor – the tool to create images you need for business email and on-site popup’s. With intuitive and easy-to-use navigation you can make full management of images:

  • set FILTERS  (blur, emboss, sepia, greyscale, remove white)
  • add EFFECTS (noise, pixelate, brightness, add tint, blend and multiply)
  • add ICONS (hearts, locations, starts e.t.c.)
  • add SHAPE (circles, rectangles, triangles, edit stroke of lines)
  • draw LINES
  • ROTATE, FLIP and CROP image
  • add TEXT to the image, change font style and color.

After making changes simply save new masterpiece and browse for it at Image Gallery. To make browsing easier we have added Folder functionality also – store your images in separate folders and avoid the mess.

One more feature – Stock Images

Stock Images

It’s the common situation – you have an idea how to promote the item, just do not have time to browse for a nice image for the banner. We come to help you, adding images arranged in categories like Food, Sport, Business, Fashion and more.

Choose an image, edit as you need, save to your account Gallery and later choose for email or pop-up campaigns as a simple image or a colorful background.

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