Few significant details of transactional e-mails

The difference between marketing and transactional email is that transactional emails are triggered and based on direct customer behavior, so, after years of experience we come to the conclusion that targeting the right audience and correctly addressing it is the crucial beginning for the start of growing sales. It isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter!

  • Pay high attention to who is writing these in some way not-so-important password change and shipping notices e-mails. Although it may seem that no one cares how personal is an order confirmation e-mail, it is highly essential to keep it in the same style. It should be the same department doing blogs, controlling social media posts and writing commercial emails, so that you do not misrepresent your brand. Avoid plain text!
  • Content. Your email should give value to the customer, build a discussion and drive high number of opens and clicks. A successful and engaging transactional e-mail is one that’s personalized, fun and well positioned. You want to leave the impression that the customer is well treated, respected and valued – that those are not computers but real and loving humans who send and compose these e-mails.

There is so much opportunity – design, language, positioning – what it only requires is some extra time and energy. Stay real, show gratitude and be

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