Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

Over 80% of people add items to the online shopping cart but never complete the purchase. These are called abandoned shopping carts. The good news is, you can get a bunch of these users to come back to the site and complete the purchase. How? Through shopping cart recovery email reminders. Which tend to work phenomenally well and tend to recover 10% or more of the abandoned carts. 

The set-up of an abandoned cart recovery email is a bit technical but fairly straightforward. Furthermore, you only need to set up this system once – and it will forever work on autopilot to recover your lost sales. 

Why are shopping cart recovery emails so effective?

The average eCommerce email open rate is around 15%. Meanwhile, abandoned cart emails boast nearly a 45% open rate

The abandoned emails are personalised and relevant to the user with the right content and the right timing, hence the high open-rate. These emails usually contain cart items and are sent in a sequence – first approximately 40-60 min after the cart is abandoned, and second email a few hours later if no purchase is finished.  Here is one example of an abandoned recovery cart email:

Cart Email - example

Due to the high relevance, these emails are highly effective in terms of open rates and click-through rates. Here are the stats from Moosend:

Stats for Cart Emails

Consider these abandoned cart statistics:

  • 45 of 100 cart abandonment emails are opened
  • 21% of all cart abandonment emails are clicked
  • 50% of those clicks lead to a recovered purchase back on site

In this example of 100 abandoned carts, it means, 11 of customers will make a purchase!  And 11 purchases are better than 0 purchases. These cart reminder emails undoubtedly give you the highest return on your investment.

Ok, you’re sold. Next step — why do people abandon carts in the first place.

Why do people abandon their carts?

Common reasons people abandon online carts include:

  • Distractions
  • They forgot
  • Price or shipping costs too high
  • Card declined
  • Website issues
  • Complex checkout process, lack of clear pricing display
  • Unfavourable return or exchange policies
  • Don’t trust the website
  • Comparison shopping
  • Just browsing

Some abandoned shopping carts you can’t do anything about. Some people are just browsing or comparison shopping – they were never going to buy.

Don’t worry about those people. However, there are people you can get back – the ones who just got distracted or confused during the checkout process.

How do the abandoned cart recovery work?

Technically there is a tracker cookie (we call our tracker – Foxy) tracking site visitor activities.

  • Foxy tracker ties a user to a specific email address or instant messenger account in two ways. First, if a user types in an email address in the login or sign up form. Second, if a user clicks on a link in the marketing email.

    Once either one of these two connections are established Foxy will start tracking user activity on the site.
  • Once Foxy tracker identifies the site visitor, it will listen for Adds to Cart. Then if that user doesn’t checkout within 30 minutes after items were added to the cart, Foxy tracker will obtain cart info from your database.

  • Once the cart info is obtained, it will trigger a message to be sent to the customer. This could be an email, push notification or reminder via Facebook Messenger, that will contain the products that were added to the cart.

  • User will receive a message with cart information and link to open up the cart to finish the transaction.

This process is fully automated, once set up, it will repeat itself in the future.



How many sales you can recover with abandoned cart recovery notifications?

Take a quick test to see how much sales you can recover by setting up an abandoned cart recovery email sequence.

If you would like to discuss how Salespoints could help you to set up your abandoned cart emails & push messages, get in touch with us here.

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Businesses risks today (spring 2020)

Today when many local businesses are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, however online shopping is on the rise. Everyone is trying to sell online, there are new shops opening every day targeting wallets of buyers. For years businesses did not see the need to invest and create another one sales channel – online store, today the situation has changed. Online sales are so valuable like never before.

More than 3/4 of local businesses worldwide said they’re negatively affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey from BrightLocal conducted this spring.

This is a moment for any business selling online not to lose deals, convert more shopping carts, focus on efficiency and not to lose customers to a competitor. To convert lost purchases is not very complicated or costly, it’s a simple task to complete and Salespoints team can help – get in touch for a free consultation with us and sell more!


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