The future and opportunities of e-mail marketing in 2017

The e-commerce era started in 1994 with the first secure online transaction. Since then it has developed tremendously and now, you won’t surprise anyone by offering online services. Let’s take a look on what new challenges and opportunities may 2017 bring us!

Artificial intelligence and email analysis. AI is claimed to bring better user and human satisfaction over the Internet. The technologies offered by AI are not fully engaged and used yet, but once they are, customers will notice. One of examples for AI is communication and understanding – when it comes to finding the right product, AI is where it steps in. In the future, it may also be used for shopping personalization, virtual buying assistants etc. Moreover, product recommendations are a lot easier with using AI, because of its algorithms designed for huge amounts of date including customers past behavior, purchase history etc. As a result, AI is of course increasing sales and making customers happier.

For some it may seem a bit scary, but virtually digital persons actually talking to you and even responding to your face expressions and gestures is becoming a reality. Now, it’s just a matter of time when this becomes widely used.

Faster delivery. Not long ago, customers were OK with spending a week or even weeks waiting for their package, but now the demands have risen. Same-day delivery is becoming huge at a fast rate. Some shopping giants are now planning on delivering instantly by using drones. How cool is that?

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