Generating sales through improving NEWSLETTERS

Ideas do not come easy. For each newsletter you must come up with a fresh thought and a sense of style. So, how to engage your customers and make them react to your news or products?

We strongly suggest to send a message only if you have something to say, to deliver, although sometimes there is a need to remind about yourself anyway. Here are some tips on how to do it!

  • Everybody loves discounts and sales, so a great incentive would be the, for example, “Year End SALE” or “20% off everything SALE.” But you shouldn’t do this too often as it would become tiresome and in the end – no one would pay attention. Most importantly, too many sales would make the customers simply wait for the sale. Why buy today if I can wait for a couple of weeks/days to buy it with a discount?
  • Try to add a bit of entertainment and fun. Video posts or funny stories by you own customers, for example. If you can arrange comments or thoughts said by the users, it makes it look real and humanly. Besides, smile in your customers face is all you need to achieve.
  • Use polls to get to know what customers want more. Especially when you have nothing new to sell, use this moment to learn about your customers. Ask for a review. Ask for an advice. Your customers will appreciate a short, non-selling email.
  • Find the nearest holidays or some festivals to refer to, some positive events. Here, you can build a short, positive message even without clear sales. You will stay in the customers mind (and not your competitor’s).

OK, and a quick reminder from a theory you should keep on:

  • Still, subject line is everything. Don’t make it repetitive, lay down what the e-mail contains, and if it’s something good and beneficial to the customer – one will open it.
  • Again, keep it short and informative. There are many small details of how to bring attention, for instance, statistics – say it in numbers – “90% of our users find this helpful everyday,” “600,000 million people are using Instagram every day” etc. Something precise and related to your products.

We hope you will find some of these ideas useful, you can always ask me for an advice via email ([email protected]), our team will Make Your Email Great Again!

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