New feature: Display Campaigns

We have a new feature at SalesPoints platform – Display Campaigns. From now you can create and manage marketing campaigns at your website – popup’s and push notifications.

By launching Display Campaigns feature SalesPoints starts a journey to expand into on-site marketing area. We are pretty sure modern Email and SMS marketing must to work hand in hand with our client’s consumer footsteps at a website. This is one united game from first visitor steps at e-shop, browsing for product information and then making a purchase – SalesPoints will be there to catch visitor, gather data and perform very targeted marketing.

For now Display Campaigns include POPUP overlay functionality (exit-intent, click, timed, entry e.t.c.) and also Browser & Mobile PUSH notifications. You can create beautiful Popup’s, set their appearance, lifetime and rules at your website. These Display Campaigns has rich reporting during a campaign with an option to optimize, develop for better results. There is a FREE plan for small amounts of Popup functionality and 2 paid tariff plans for larger website traffics.

Another Display Campaign type is PUSH notifications – you can ask for a permission of website visitors to launch them instant notifications on a desktop or mobile browsers, then create campaigns and deliver marketing messages. What’s interesting – it’s absolutely FREE with SalesPoints.

We invite you to test, try first Display Campaign tools and let us know feedback (as we are on non-stop improving services).  Log into your account or create a new one!

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