What you need to know about Marketing Automation / Content

Marketing automation (herein-after MA) is not that simple anymore – send an e-mail, track the clicks and opens, landing page statistics, passing the info to the sales team… More than a half of marketers of various companies believe that  they are not using the full potential of MA. Learning about the sophisticated aspects of MA is vital for generating revenue and new ideas.

The creation of consistent and engaging content is one of the biggest challenges. Everyone knows that mails shall be personalized but many struggle to execute this, because of lack of resources and knowledge. In the meantime, lack of valuable content results in missed chances and opportunities. We would suggest using content marketing tools, such as tracking of traffic, social media scheduling, stats about clicks, organization – schedule each online activity.

Content marketing strategy is a must, and here too, many businesses do not have it.  Companies are too focused on their products – what do they offer and how they look like, rather than delivering value beside of those. Another aspect is linkage of activities and data. The marketing tools must add together.

You shall know your WHY – why is the content you’re delivering worth reading? Why are you doing what you are doing? Does it impact anything? Is there a purpose?

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