Multi-channel If You Sell Online

One of this year’s hottest topics in marketing technologies is ‘Multi-channel’. And truthfully it is like it is- if you sell without seeing the consumer (no eye-to-eye or physical contact) you must be able to market, no matter in which channel they are online at that moment. Otherwise, it’s impossible to catch them. But what exactly is multichannel and why is it so important?

Why Multi-channel Is Needed?

Nowadays the minds of each consumer are more complex when it comes to making decisions, particularly whether or not to buy a product. The main influences are by watching TV, reading newspapers, connecting to social media forums. And competitors have their hands on the same tools as you. At the end of the day- everyone wants to sell their product.

What Is A Good Multi-channel?

A good Multi-channel is obviously the one who can hold and guide the consumer to the maximum desired result for each of the working sides. The main thing which we are working with is an automated marketing system and fast customer service. Customers can quickly switch from one page to another, but the need stays longer. The automation system has to catch and analyze individual’s data in order to successfully process what the interests and needs are.  Also, a good Multi-channel saves any information and chat history, so that the customers won’t need to repeat themselves when switching customer support channels. Pushing harder on most popular channels is also a thing. It doesn’t mean that the service will be worse for other less popular channels, it just shows, that keeping an eye on certain aspects, following along the information and prioritizing things is being done well.

Important Things When Building A Good Multi-channel Experience

Continuing the conversation – from one communication channel to another. Human attention on selling arguments has become shorter over time, but in order to certainly purchase a product, they are shaped to drip the message over and over.  After a while, they have abandoned their e-mail and start browsing Facebook. Another 10 minutes later they are reading news from the news sites.

The constant content – Email sending to targeted individuals.

Another aspect is catching the moment, which means knowing when to approach the consumer and guide the purchase. In this case, tracking is what follows along the script of the interest towards the purchasing.

Technology, software which leads the communication further without breaks and through as many channels as possible. There are available good pop-up, web-chat softwares along with the e-mail marketing tools. But there is not much point in it nowadays if they don’t work together.


Here at Sendigo, we have built SalesPoints – simple software what works similar to ‘big enterprises’ sell engines to largest online traders. We have simplified and made more affordable for mid-size traders, to have the same business opportunities.


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