Instant Messaging- Is It Important In 2019?

Who would have known that not only technology as such would dramatically change over the years, but with it also the way of communication. Marketing experts do stand by the saying that ‘’Communication is the key to success’’ when it comes to sales and getting the customer purchase something. Introducing clients with hot deals they haven’t noticed or informing about the product itself is vital for the purchase as anyone wants to know if the product/service is worth paying. But is the change really that dramatic and worth mentioning? YES!

You see, anyone who has been long enough in the e-commerce industry has noticed these changes. People want and need instant answers to their questions no matter how important or insignificant they are. The client services used to stand on e-mail marketing alone, but now it is not favorable – it is a slow process where you can’t see the progress and customers may even forget, that they had sent an e-mail at all. SalesPoints has been following this new trend of ‘’fast and substantial’’ forever. We, like many other marketers, do strongly believe that nowadays instant messaging and on-site chat is the best way to connect with the customer effectively.

Look at the main characteristics:

  • Instant messaging is a real-time information channel;
  • It’s fast, instant two-way communication channel, without waiting for a response;
  • Channel allowing to add rich media, files to give deeper insights;
  • Semi-automated environment if added chatbots

All this perfectly covers the needs of the modern sales process to complete a sale, not forward prospects to your competitors. This brings chat and instant messaging crucial for businesses and excellent customer service.

And now when the messaging traffic is set towards particular apps, it would be a waste of resources to turn a blind eye on this massive trend. Your customer lives with social media, with social interaction via chat app’s and in order to make benefits for your business, you should stay shoulder-to-shoulder with customers.

Size of your sales opportunities

So, once we know customers are there to talk with you, what is the size of this market you can interact? No double, most popular instant messaging apps are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (read the article there on messenger split by countries) And no surprise that these two have been the most popular instant messaging apps in both 2018 and 2019, while strongly competing with each other. But as we see, WhatsApp has been the #1 leader since 2017; as for now they have 1.5 billion users and their business app is used by 3M companies. These facts clearly state that the majority of smartphone users fancy particular apps and the companies follow them, by also contacting them through these apps. WhatsApp even goes so far to make a new app particularly for the businesses and will add features important to make the sales process more flexible via chat. This all shows simple picture – expansion of instant messaging is on the rise and it will take stronger and stronger positions to complete the sales process.

So… where are other, usual channels? It is now clear, that this way e-mailing as active sales driver is staying more and more in the past, taking positions as post-sales channel – cross-sale products, recommended supplements, user manuals of items you just bought. Also, e-mail users are facing the one most annoying thing ever- Spam, which conveniently for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users doesn’t happen so often. Meantime, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also allow you to send different files to customers, so these are no more unique advantages of email as media.


’According to EConsultancy, 79% of consumers favor live chat support as it allows for almost instant responses. Another common reason for communicating through this channel is the fact that while using it consumers can multitask; with 51% of them selecting this benefit.’’ ( By )


At SalesPoints, we announced the year 2019 as a year of multi-chat channels. Right now we add to our Web-Chat several social Instant Messenger gateways to give our customers a tool for better customer service. Our clients already can benefit from one, united chat tool, answering incoming requests from no matter prospects are right now – on website, on Facebook or very soon also other social sites.

In conclusion, instant messaging is the new cure for spam and long hours of waiting for any response. It is much easier, faster and efficient while using any channel the client is using. And most importantly – instant messaging generates sales!

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