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Early in 2011 we re-branded from ‘Prime Newsletter’ and started a journey as “Sendigo” email agency.  This year, same month we are launching our own software as a service (SaaS) – Sales Points.

Our experience and deep knowledge lead to open a self-service platform, a quite similar tool set we saw corporate customers use, now simplified and designed for regular SME.

What is inside

Sales Points is a well-packed set of tools for business messaging needs. The idea is to manage all digital communication with a consumer, no matter where he actually is – at your site or somewhere else. Starting with the first visit to your website, Sales Points is following, collecting data for segmentation, react with on-site tools (chat, popups) and listen to recommended products. Later this platform is able to deliver data-driven messaging and return visitor back to you to complete a purchase. The messaging hub is what we call it.

Yes, you will need to connect it to your CRM (and we will help on integration).
Yes, you will need to add it to your website CMS.
But you will have one united tool to manage multi-channel communication, a single view of a customer and his interaction with your digital marketing via one API.

Why we are changing business

First of all – for last years we have developed several marketing automation solutions and have admitted that each business needs a specific automation scheme. Even working in one industry, when it comes to simply mailing a marketing and transactional messages, there is no copy-paste solution used. More and more clients have choosen our messaging platform as an extension to own business intelligence, that’s why we do not force with our automation philosophy, just giving tools on SaaS basis.

Secondly, to grow in the market as a self-service platform there ‘good email marketing’ is not enough today. We have added own text messaging feature already, also Push notifications and On-site popups. For about a year we have been researching the market and finally met guys from Estonia (also a great tech country). “It takes two flints to make a fire,” a long time ago writer Louisa May Alcott published, and we already see the first sparkles as well – Sales Points platform has announced a Web chat release, more chat features will follow.

This all results in a new company, new members of the board and new goals to reach.  Sendigo from now on is known as Sales Points.

How you will feel the change

There are and will not be any interruptions of services, as all physical changes of servers and data centers are already done (and our clients didn’t even notice that). As previously we are running services strictly according to GDPR regulation, splitting infrastructure and data management between EU and 3rd party countries. Sales Points also is backed by CloudFlare technology, providing 100% uptime of our services. So, technically there will be no changes.

Legally we will follow assignment of post-pay contracts with companies Sendigo had a partnership with. Sales Points confirms on the same rules and obligations to commit as it was previously agreed.

What is our future

In the nearest months Sales Points will introduce with more tools to manage customer communications and will develop deeper collaboration between messaging channels as truly personalized dialogue with a consumer is our team belief. We are moving forward as every day millions of people are connected with brands in multi-channel mix, we will take care of digital communication and spread this religion across the world.

For more details on this & questions – ask our team by email [email protected] 


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