Get the most out of your SMS marketing campaign

SMS messaging is one of the best tools for promotions and alerts, but it is important to learn how to use this platform effectively and get the most out of it. Here we’ll give you some do’s and don’ts!


  • Give your customers a choice – you must get a permission to send them SMS messages, get consent that they are willing to accept them.
  • Choose the appropriate time throughout the day, so that the messages don’t get ignored or do not disturb the recipient, for example, their daily dinner with family.
  • Do not let the limited number of characters forget about your brand name. Figure ways to identify yourself and your brand, so the recipient knows who is it from.
  • Give the customer a chance to unsubscribe from these messages, too. Respect them!
  • Comply with mobile marketing regulations. If you do not, then your company may face sanctions and legal charges.
  • Allow two-way communication.


  • Don’t spam. This may cause fines and legal charges.
  • Don’t send too much irrelevant information. Inform your customers about promotions, but not too often. Be wise!
  • Don’t abbreviate, be legible.
  • Be short and concise, don’t get boring.
  • Again, use segmentation, because people do not want to receive messages unrelated to their needs and will.


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