Effective e-mail marketing takes time

E-mail marketing is still considered as the most effective and powerful marketing channel and it takes time and real effort to create an e-mail that will be noticed and remembered. The first thing you notice about an e-mail that has fallen in your inbox, is the subject line (SL), which is the starting point of listening. If the subject line doesn’t cause emotions or interest, it most probably will not be opened. Here we’ll give you some ideas on how to make improvements.

The first impression is everything. Isn’t it scary? 35 % of recipients open an email based on the subject line only. Plus, remember that almost half of the recipients check their mail through a mobile device, so you must keep the subject line short and simple – up to 50 characters.

Going back to personalization, seeing your name in the SL is definitely more compelling. You make the recipient feel important and like a friend. For example, “Happy birthday Ashley – gift inside!” You show care and commitment. Although, name is not the only measure for making it seem personal. It can also be the location, where the recipient is based – send information about the closest shops, bars, sales, concerts etc. This leads to segmentation. In order to not have problems with that, you have to collect the information right after registration asking to fill in a form. Just don’t make it complex!

Be concise, tell the customer what’s inside the email and don’t make false claims. Also, each email subject has a specific time when the delivery would most probably be opened depending on the need of the specific offer. For example, flights – better send specialized offers in the beginning of summer and holidays; special offers in certain restaurants – in the evening.

About the language – excite the recipient. Urge one to make an action or create a feeling of urgency – “today only”. Using a verb as the opening word for the SL is more engaging – come and see, take your chance, dine with a celebrity. However, being precise and basing your claims on facts, for instance, numbers and statistics, makes the SL look more serious and believable.

Remember to always test and preview your email, newsletter. Take time on this – what is the worth of a rashly made e-mail if it is not opened?

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