Delivery Quality – it is Critically Important

We spend hours planning out every detail of each campaign. We build emails from scratch or lovingly modify templates so that we’re putting our best foot forward with our email marketing campaigns. With all the hard work that go into our emails, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than finding out the message never made it to our subscribers.

No matter how carefully we plan our campaign strategy if the email doesn’t reach the inbox, it doesn’t matter. You have to send your emails with quality.

Ways how to send emails right :

  • Prioritize the goals of your emails
  • Nail the tone of your email to build trust with your audience
  • Time your sends to make sure your email is actually read
  • Segment your emails by lifecycle stage, content engagement, and more
  • Choose an impactful call-to-action

To choose right delivery service you should have several questions and checklist at your hand. For years Sendigo’s task is to reach every single one of your contacts receives your email and SMS.

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