What should you check before sending your SMS campaign?

  SMS has proved popular across a range of industries because it’s so simple, quick and a campaign can be pulled together right at the last minute; however it still needs some thought and planning to ensure you get the awesome results you deserve.

So, what should we be checking before we reach to send?

  • It’s worth giving some thought to the time and day the campaign will be sent – consider the content of your message and when it might be best received.
  • Another thing to consider is, who you are sending the campaign to; make sure you’ve segmented your data to include all the lovely customers you want to reach.
  • You may only have 160 characters, but your content is super-important, have you got a clear call-to-action, does the message make sense, would you respond.
  • If you want customers to reply to your campaign you’ll need to pop your reply number in the sender ID.
  • It’s super-important to test your campaign out so send one to your own phone first so you can see how it will look to the recipient, check everything reads well, test any reply function and click on links if you’re including them, to ensure the pages your message points your customers to are all set for mobile.
  • Once you’ve checked everything and are happy with the content, you’re ready to send it on its way – or schedule it if you want it to go out at a later time. Our reports will help you analyse and improve your future campaigns, your delivery report will start to update as soon as you send the campaign
  • Have you planned a follow-up? If a customer has replied or clicked through, make sure you act on this, either send another campaign to those interested or drop them a personal call or email to see if you can help with more information.

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