Business process optimization – why do we need it?

At the beginning, let’s understand what business process means. The business process is when we structure different tasks, set activities and steps to accomplish the purpose.

So, what does business optimization mean?

Business optimization is a last step of business management. A lot of companies who have problems with business don’t understand that they live according to rules that have long been outdated. They just haven’t time to estimate the processes. Business optimization will give you clarity on whether to change or reject projects that have not been active for a long time. It will save your resources, money and time, additionally making improvements in your business.

Business optimization is used in the different industries like finance, logistics, producing, sales, stocks, etc. Now it is clear that business optimization = successful business.


If we are talking about business process optimization, we can’t forget about business automation because it is very important.

Business automation helps to make our job easier, because we don’t have to do what the automation can do for us. Nowadays a lot of programs help appropriately of industries where do you work. For example, in email marketing very effective are triggered emails. They are mostly without errors, with their help, you will save your time because they are also timely – at the right time they will fall into the right mailbox.

What do you need to do first?

  • You need to find a problem. Try to understand where a weak spot is. If you are finding more than one problem, start with the biggest of them. Don’t start with several problems simultaneously.
  • Then, you will need to focus on it. For example, what is most expensive, what requires a lot of time, what more consume your resources etc.
  • On the focusing necessary is to save objectivity. It means that you need to be critical. You can’t watch in business through the pink-tinted glasses.
  • When the problem is determined, map out activities that will help to improve your projects. Don’t forget about automation.
  • When you understand what will change, you need to inform all of your co-workers about it.
  • Keep track of the changes. The time is changing. Evaluate the processes – read the latest news, make reports and statistics of your activities to make sure that all works right.

At the end, I’ll give you one plain example to understand what business optimization means.

Imagine a start-up company where are technical support department. Workers in this department every single minute answer to the questions as fast as possible. They try, send a lot of emails. The problem is that questions become more and more. In result, workers can’t answer to some of them and after they receive complaints.

They decide to make their business optimization. They found a problem – they haven’t enough time and people giving support to all customers.

The team developed solution to use automation – triggered emails where they will be able to set concrete answers by concrete keywords on a system. In result, the system simultaneously sends correct answers to the questions and work is going faster. The number of customers is increasing.

It is only one example of automation. I hope that my description gives you some ideas about this definition.

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