Breaking down individualization and personalization

According to recent studies, at least 70% of consumers are feeling more committed, engaged more likely to buy from the producer as soon as they get the feeling of being important and unique. It may be challenging for some, bet the outcome is fascinating and totally worth it.

Firstly, get to know the preferences. For instance, clothing retailers should go into detail for sizes, preferable styles and fashion brands. It is all about the right recommendations. The customer may not know what it wants till it gets the right offer. Bear in mind that this has to be done right after the registration, because that is when the customer is

Secondly, according to our own customers examples – they send personalized emails to those who have browsed through the site but haven’t added the items to the cart. Furthermore, the information of the items opened, gives them the ability to offer similar products, too. It is called browse abandonment which is the same as window-shopping. Whereas in the real life it may be the shopkeeper who addresses the customer asking what it may like to look at, then in an e-shop it may be the e-mail that gets back to the customer. Also, an e-shop may use on-site messages, for example –“only 3 items (or seats) left,” – what would be an incentive to actually buy it.

As a conclusion, you shall recognize your customers – who are they and what do they want. Once your systems can do that, analyze and understand their behavior and get to know what that means – where in the customer journey each customer is? Last but not least, engage your customers through targeted action, develop a guide step by step to the road of purchase.

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