Boost interaction with SMS campaigns

90% of SMS are read within the first 3 seconds. Amazing, isn’t it? There are huge amounts of opportunities and benefits that marketers often ignore. The first, most important thing is for the consumers to deliberately opt-in for the messages, plus, convince them that you will certainly deliver higher value and make it worth the while. Did you know that SMS has a final read rate of 98%? However, herein I’ll give you some of the best practices of SMS campaigns.

  • Let the customers set their preferences – how often and what kind of offers do they want to receive? Sending too much irrelevant information is tiresome, then, sooner or later, people will start ignoring them. The thing is that SMS basically interrupts the person’s daily routine, daily lunch or a business meeting, so it must be important enough. Give ‘em control over the content.
  • Of course, you have to segment and personalize. The effect of this on SMS is twice bigger then on e-mails, so you better be careful. Everything starting from coupons to the newest lawn mowers has to be personal and targeted correctly. Moreover, keep it short and cute, don’t use complex abbreviations, if possible, do not use them at all!
  •  Landing pages. Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly and does not require a lot of steps until they really get to the page.
  •  Be careful about where and how often you send notifications, for instance, you shouldn’t send the same in both e-mail and SMS. Do not irritate the customer.

Last but not least, measure everything and not only open rates. Engagement and the customer’s reaction – what is their next step after opening? It may be a post on social media or simply track further visits and purchases.

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