How To Add Contacts On Salespoints Platform

This post is a step-by-step tutorial on contact uploading on Salespoints platform, so it would be clear to understand each meaning of every button and link. If any help is needed please ask for support to our Salespoints team through ‘’HELP’’ on the left navigation side.

To upload contacts press “+” button on the CONTACTS section.

  1. Choose data source

On this screen choose a data format from which you will add contacts.


  • CSV or tab-delimited text file – upload previously created file with an extension csv or txt. The file must contain customer e-mails with a tag after which the specific contact list will be selected. The data in the file must be sorted in columns and separated with ‘’Value delimiter’’- Tab, Comma, Colon, Semi-Colon.
  • Copy/Paste from file- input the data using one of the offered column value delimiter – Tab, Comma, Colon, Semi-Colon.


  1. Copy/Paste from a previously created file.

The file must contain contact e-mails or phone numbers with full country code (f.e 37066928341, where 370 is the code).  Without the e-mail and phone number, in a separate column can be inserted more tags, after which the specific contacts will be selected. File data will be sorted in columns and separated with ‘’Value delimiter’’- Tab, Comma, Colon, Semi-Colon. When copying from Excel use delimiter ‘‘Tab’’.

‘Skip first’ field – skip, ignore the first row of the file.


Excel file example:


A column – e-mail

B column – name

C column – date, a field from which can be selected specific e-mail list.



  1. Define data fields – Name each data column type and title (Select data field). For example, name a column ‘’Email’’ which contains the customer e-mails.

With Dropdown menu option choose already existing data fields or create a new data field. If the new data field is chosen and named, you must click ‘’SAVE’’ to confirm your choice and continue with work. After defining the data field you can continue adding contacts using the green ‘’IMPORT’’ button.


Indicate what Salespoints platform should do with the contacts which you have added to the list. You can sign it up as active (change from incorrect/ unsubscribed to active again) or upload contacts without changing their status (f.e if the contact was previously unsubscribed).

Choose one of the 3 forms:


  • Update to contacts – Contacts will be imported with status “active”
  • Update to contacts without changing status – Contacts will be imported without changing current status (active, unsubscribe, etc.)
  • Mark as Unsubscribed – List of contacts to unsubscribe from Salespoints account


Continue working on the platform, no need for waiting, Salespoints will notify, when the contact upload will be completed.


Good luck!

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