Get started
Things you should know
Salespoints is for transactional and marketing emails / SMS. For each of them seperated API class / functionality is designed, to provide best delivery experience.
  • A confirmed domain name is required to start sending. Before you can start sending emails, you will need to verify the email domain name you send from in 'Salespoints Panel' Settings section.
  • Maximum email size is 25 Mb. This includes email content, headers, and attachments. You will receive an error if your emails are too large.
  • Salespoints will only accept attachments with specific file types, so please review our list of accepted file types. We also support inline image embedding.
  • The maximum number of recipients for Transaction email is 1, for Campaigns there is no such limitation.
  • Any sales, newsletters or other bulk emails must contain unsubscribe link feature in email content.

You can test connectivity of credentials to Salespoints API by PING request:
This method is to check connection to Salespoints API.

HTTP response codes
  • 200 — Success
    Everything went smooth.
  • 401 — Unauthorized
    Missing or incorrect API appId in Request body.