SMS Campaign methods
This method is to send SMS campaign.
Request url
Simple campaign with three recipients:
Request body
appId: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"name": "Campaign name",
"text": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, %R#textblob#R%",
"from": "John Doe",
"recipients": [{
"to": "371xxxxxxx1",
"textblob": "consectetur adipiscing elit",
"metadata": {}
"to": "371xxxxxxx2",
"textblob": "porttitor dolor vel orci",
"metadata": {}
"to": "371xxxxxxx3",
"textblob": "etiam laoreet",
"metadata": {}

"shorten": true,
"analytics": "salespoints"

Parameters Description
text Required Text content for the SMS
from Required Sender ID of the SMS, note that they need to be confirmed
recipients Required Array of single recipient data
shorten Optional Create short link, if a URL is present in the SMS content
analytics Optional Add google analytics link to the shortened URL
name Optional Name of campaign, only visible in Salespoints panel