Get shoppers back to their carts

Over 82% of site visitors add items to the shopping carts but never complete the purchase.

Look how you can get customers back to make a payment, it’s easy!

These are all purchases

made by customers in your e-store
these purchases have been successfully completed
.. and these are your missed opportunities
these purchases have been successfully completed
.. and these are your missed opportunities

By implementing abandoned shopping cart recovery strategy,
you will see 15% increase in online sales within first month

Check your performance!

Simply sent reminder email is so yesterday.
Today not to lose a deal you should respond smarter and quicker.
Test your e-shop performance and get audit data for FREE!

Please correct the data
  • Determine Shopping Power rate
  • Suggestions for improvements

Deal, we will perform tests and prepare audit data for your site!
To what email address we must to deliver results?

Please correct the data

Thank you, We will contact with you as soon as possible

Lost sales recovery solution

If your shop has incomplete cart abandonment strategy or cart recovery process is missing at all, it is strongly recommended implement at least basic shopping cart recovery functions.

Salespoints give you a plugin, tool for your website. You simply install it and in few minutes start to save purchases site visitors make. Very simple!
And what is important – today it’s FREE!

Abandoned cart
email reminders

Use emails to remind customers what they’ve left in shopping cart and give them a reason to complete the purchase. Set when these emails should be delivered and customize design in a convenient Drag&Drop editor.

Pop-ups on
leaving a purchase

Deliver targeted messages and offers to shoppers trying to leave your store with items in their carts. Activate different types of pop-ups, including personalization features.

Web Push notification

Shortly after leaving the shopping cart, send a Push notification to the web browser where the shopping was started. Most likely, the customer is nearby, this is the biggest opportunity not to loose the customer an serve faster than competitor stores will do.

With an abandoned cart email series, you can see
an average of 34 times more orders per email recipient!

Easy to set up

Integrate your Salespoints account with eCommerce platform, so you can sync shopping carts on site with visitor recognition and existing customer list.


Tell us how long after a customer abandons their cart — 45 minutes, 2 or 24 hours — you’d like us to send a reminder to get them back to your store.

Build your cart recovery journey, define how to deliver shopping message – via email, web push notification or popup. Maybe multi-channel?

Turn on your e-shop to recapture the interest of people who have abandoned their shopping carts while you focus on other things.

The conversation costs nothing,
but it can pay off!

Ask our team how Salespoints handles cart abandonment situations, what you can do by yourself and where our help may be needed. Enable automated shopping cart recovery and earn more!

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