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About company

Established in early 2002, 1A is a leading ecommerce brand in Baltic states, selling a wide range of FMCG via internet. Backed by 100% local investment, year by year 1A group companies showed strong increase of turnover and customer satisfaction. The company collaborates with world-renowned manufacturers such as Intel, Asus, Microsot, MSI and DELL because if its high-quality customer service and advanced growth. In 2017 company reached €60 million turnover and predicts to rise up to €100 millions in the next 2 years.

The challenge

To rise profitability 1A understood the need to align messaging to business strategy and needs. To realize this, 1A had partner not just to send emails but also provide added value services, consultancy and possibility to customize email marketing process for 1A business. And email marketing for eCommerce is one of major communication channels with a consumer, therefore choosing a partner was important.

After several years with Sendgrid, 1A was ready to make the next step, to modernize email marketing.

SalesPoints solution

SalesPoints adapted API close to functionality client (1A) used before – close to Sendgrid, so migration was very easy. All 1A transactional emails started to run via dedicated 1A hosts, growing up messaging reputation.

After implementing Foxy (SalesPoints javascript) on site, SalesPoints collects e-shop visitor behaviour data, store visit frequency and is able to target sales messages very precisely – deliver relevant content according to visited or viewed products.

Email newsletter campaign sending and transactional mail templates are developed by SalesPoints team. SalesPoints builds up newsletters, tests on several email clients and devices, which is why 1A do not need to hire staff on email marketing. At the same time, 1A has an expertize and up-to-date solutions received from SalesPoints.

Result reached

+35% each year in sales is a notable highlight. This works hand in hand with what delivers excellent results for business for last 3 years already. Transactional and Marketing communication with a consumer is set at the best level.

+ %
in sales
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